Assembling your team

Well… we’ve been pretty busy over here, how have you folks been?

I’ll need you to pay special attention here, as we’ll talk about a key part of your experience at The Initiative: assembling your team.

Although we’ve covered this a bit in the past, we’ll go through the actual process of hiring them.

In the world, there are amazing Talents eager to work for you (for a price, of course). And since they are limited, you need to be fast and determined when hiring because once someone else hires a Talent, that’s it (until they fire them, they get laid off, or some shady poaching occurs).

But how does that process work? We’ll give you access to a private network where these Talents supply all their information for you to make the decision about who to bring in to your team.

All Talents have a pretended salary which you’ll need to pay on a monthly basis. Some may have a sign-in bonus which, if you pay it, they will immediately work for you.

Now, that sign-in bonus is not a fixed factor, it’s a value the Talent calculates base on how your company is doing. If you have great reputation for example, that sign-in bonus may go down a bit.

Talents Example

So, back on track. If you pay the sign-in bonus, that Talent will immediately work for you. However, sign-in bonus may be a bit hefty so be cautious if you want to spend your money there. If you don’t, or the Talent does not have a set bonus, then you’ll need to bid on him.

Talent has a base salary he wants, but you can offer more. Talent defines a bidding time right after the first offer received, during which all players can offer a salary. And following the rules and regulation of our HR department, once the bidding time passes, the best offer will be awarded and the Talent will go to work for such company.

However, the new employer will have to pay the second best salary offered to the Talent and not his actual offer. This is commonly known as a Vickrey auction.

The best offer will not be visible to the public, though. You’ll only see the second best offer at all times and its up to you to bid a value you think will surpass the top one.

Once the Talent joins your team, he will be readily available to work on any of your buildings and, if he is specialized enough, as an astronaut in your spacecrafts.

At any time you can fire a Talent, which will make that Talent appear again available for others. Keep in mind that any new learning, training and specialization the Talent gained while working for you will remain with him, so you’re giving your competitors a much more trained Talent than you received.

As with everything else, we’ll be with you every step of the way to help you out and offer you tips.

See you next time!

Zimm out.

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