The Factory

Welcome back,

Today we will be talking about one of the first and most important buildings your aerospace company will have to build: “The Factory”.

Factory mid-lvl concept

Here you will combine the needed materials to create rocket parts, Space Station and Moon modules, and everything required to build the first ever human settlement on Mars.

Depending on the stats and abilities of the assigned Talents + Factory level + Researched Techs and some random luck you may get different quality items, from “Common” to “Rare” ones, and from time to time a server “Unique”. The stats of those items will define the success rate of every rocket launch and overall missions on your way to success.

Factory mid-lvl 3D model

Every time you build a specific item will increase your proficiency on it, improving the chance of getting a better one next time. So trying to build everything in-house or specializing on some of them and acquiring the rest on the market will be up to you to decide.

Rocket parts items will later be put together in the “Assembly building” to create the most amazing rockets ever built, but we will leave that for another occasion.

See you around!

Your Talents

Hi, it’s me again. I don’t want to leave a major part of your endeavor for later: Talents.

We both know we alone are the brains behind this, but being that as it may, we can’t do it on our own. We need talented people to perform other, more mundane tasks. And this is where Talents come into play.

The Initiative attracts thousands of Talents throughout the world that are willing to work for you. Some will be great, others not so much. Of course, the better ones will expect more money for their services.

Remember, since you are competing against thousands of others, you need to make sure to hire the best talents your budget allows it first, because once someone hires a Talent, that Talent is no longer available (until they fire him, if that happens).

Special Talent File

To further help you decide who to add to your roster, we’ve managed to categorize Talents in four intrinsic features we feel are aimed at the ultimate goal of creating a sustainable colony on Mars, which are: Focus, Dexterity, Creativity and Organized.

  • Focus works great to run Operations buildings, and also helps on Corporate ones.
  • Creativity will help a lot on Research buildings, and also on Assembly ones.
  • Dexterity is preferred on Assembly buildings, but also aids on Operations.
  • Organized greatly helps on Corporate buildings, but also adds on Research ones.

Talents specialize when working on buildings, so the more time the same Talent works on the same building, the corresponding stat for that building will slowly increase. The same way, when you remove it, it will slowly forget what was learned and the stat will slowly decrease. For instance, a Talent working on the Engineering department will slowly increase its Creativity.

We’ve managed a way to measure their Happiness and Loyalty levels. Happiness affects all their stats either positively or negatively, depending on how happy they are! And Loyalty makes it harder for a competitor to poach one from you.

Don’t forget to join to keep up to date with all news and, of course, any specials.

See you around.

Your base on Earth

Hi again. I’m going to tell you a bit about your base on your home planet -for now- Earth.

As I explained before, you will be provided with your own land to build your base, and we’ll even throw a Headquarters building and an operations complex. Let’s talk a bit more about this.

Your base comprises of buildings and decorations. Buildings are all the structures that make stuff happen. But, most buildings required manpower to work, so you’ll be assembling your team of Talents and assigning them to work on each building.

On the other hand, decorations make it look pretty and keep your talents happy (we’ll get into your talents and their happiness on another article).

There are five building categories, being: Corporate, Research, Manufacturing, Operations and Recreational.

Each category serves a general purpose, and each building performs specific tasks.
For example, your Headquarters building (included in your sign-in package as a gift), which is a Corporate one, allows you to hire talents to work with you and man all other buildings.

Another example is your Launch Complex (which includes a Hangar, a Launch Pad and a Mission Control building), which is an Operations one, and allows you to create and manage your actual missions (we’ll talk about them in more detail also in another article).

Operations Complex

Buildings will start being somewhat basic, but you’ll be able to upgrade them. Most buildings will have close to ten levels that you can upgrade. Each upgrade not only will affect how that building looks, but it will affect that building’s outcome and available features.

During this week I’ll be talking specifically about the Headquarters building, showing you concepts of how it looks, the actions you can perform in there, and some insider tips!

So, get ready to start some base building because you’ll need several to win!

Stay tuned for more updates and articles.

Nice to meet you

Hi, there! I’m Zimm.

I know I look all cool and successful right now. But, believe it or not, I used to be just like you.

I used to live with my head on Earth too. I was a used… sorry, pre-owned car salesman. I got paid based on my performance and let me tell you, with that petty cash I hardly made a leaving.

One day, someone like me came and told me the same thing I’m going to tell you, and that changed my life completely.

I remember what he said like it was yesterday, and all I had to do was follow a few basic steps and that’s it.

Now, I’m successful, I’m happy, life smiles at me, and above all, I deeply enjoy what I do… most of the time.

His exact words were: Join the Initiative.

“What is the Initiative?” you may ask? Well, you can learn a bit more here. But despite what you’ll read there I can tell you right now, it will change your life.

You’ll be hearing from me often, as I’m know a full time Recruiter for the Initiative.

You’ll find me posting tips and tricks, explanations, and even doing some photo shoots now and then.

So, until we see each other the next time, here are a few steps you can do to start changing your life:

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What is The Initiative

Initiative: Red Dawn is a game about mankind’s desire for exploration, ambition and conquering of the unknown. It challenges you to make your own way among thousand competitors to make human life interplanetary.

Or in a more technical way, an aerospace business manager simulator set in the current space race inspired by NASA’s unending progress and SpaceX’s revolution. BUT it is much more than that.

Created in amazing 3D art with innovative mechanics, the game challenge is to make your way in real time against thousands of competitors to be the first to establish a self-sustainable colony on Mars.

Whether you team up or fly solo, behave as a friend or deceive others, play it safe or risk all to be the first… it is up to you… Your goal will be to create the best aerospace company ever dictating the future of mankind.

Join The Initiative now!

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