Between Earth and Mars

Welcome back! Zimm again. This time I’m going to tell you about your other bases.

As we stated before, you start on Earth. That’s where you currently live on, right? (not for long, though). And, as we’ve also defined, your goal is to establish a sustainable colony on Mars.

Between Earth and Mars, you’ll be able to enhance your Earth base outcome by establishing other bases.

The first one will be your very own Space Station. Although there is an International Space Station in orbit to which you’ll send stuff to and retrieve more stuff from, you can have your own. You can build several modules here, in order to conduct different kind of experiments and procedures to improve the outcome of some of your buildings on your base on Earth, such as increasing your technology research, your security points and your reputation.

Next step ahead is your Moon outpost. This is your very own piece of the Moon! The modules you’ll build here will not only enhance your base on Earth, but also provide additional income for you by mining asteroids for minerals and water. Also, with the right technology, you’ll be able to deliver water to your space station directly from your Moon outpost, greatly reducing its maintenance cost and the cost to send resources to your colony on Mars.

In order to have the Space Station and the Moon outpost, there are several steps you have to do before such as researching the adequate technology, manufacture the corresponding modules, and launch a rocket with them inside. And afterwards, you need to maintain it!

So, get your gear ready to keep growing your aerospace company by having a piece of space and a land on the Moon, just for you.

Zimm out.



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