Hello! Zimm here.

On this opportunity, I’d like to talk to you about how to keep your billion dollar machine running. Spoiler: you’ll mostly need contracts.

Although there are several complementary sources for income, your main stream comes from successfully executing contracts by launching rockets.

Launch Complex

There are three main types of contracts:

  • Unique: these are just like Talents, when someone gets it, the contract is no longer available to anyone else. These usually have higher reputation requirements and higher penalties for not fulfilling.
  • First N to deliver collects: these can be accepted by a limited or unlimited number of competitors, but only a predefined number that fulfill them will get the reward.
  • Common: these are available for all to acquire and fulfill

Most contracts will have a minimum reputation requirement for you to be able to get it. This is another reason why reputation is paramount for your company. We’ll talk about reputation in greater detail next time.

Contracts also have a due date, a reward, conditions of satisfaction, and penalty for failure. Logically, you need to fulfill the contract before its due date to get the reward and avoid the penalty which may be monetary and a reduction in your reputation.

You can also have a limited amount of contracts active at any given time, so choose carefully which ones to accept, as there is also a penalty for abandoning them.

Contract options

The type of work a contract requires varies, with the following being the five most common:

  • Perform lab experiments on Low Earth Orbit: these occupy little to none space and weight on the spacecraft, so these are ideal to add to any other mission.
  • Launch private and government satellites: these can vary from huge expensive satellites to very small specific ones giving you the opportunity to take advantage of every inch of space on your spacecraft fairing.
  • Send cargo or crew to the International Space Station (this is not your private space station!): these usually occupy plenty of space and weight but their rewards are much higher.
  • Fly-by other planets or moons: these usually don’t allow for any other contracts to be added to this same mission manifest.
  • Space Tourism!: Once you’ve developed the technologies required to send humans into space, prepare to receive offers from millionaires eager to have a drink on zero gravity or to drop the ashes of a beloved (or not so) familiar on the moon.

So you need to design your rockets with your contracts in mind to make the best of each launch, wether you’re taking cargo or crew.

Zimm out!

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