Corporate War


Hi, fellow Dawners… Today we’ll talk about the darkest, shadiest, sneakiest part of The Initiative. We call it: Corporate War. And so should you since… well, that’s the name…

Although we highly encourage not to engage on these activities (yeah, right…), we are aware some competitors may play dirty so, to make things fair, we want to provide tools for anyone to defend from (and attack) others.

There are a few key elements to consider:

Your security building will constantly generate attack and defense points (they are not really points, but let’s call them that). These points will have a monthly cost to maintain, so make sure you put them to a good use.

The Security building is a fully automated building when it comes to defense. You just need to set it up and configure how you want things handled. This is done this way as the attack will most likely occur when you’re not watching. You can change your defense strategy at any time both to improve it or to disorient attackers from memorizing it.

Attacks come in different flavors:

What is it good for? Well, to get ahead if you’re up to some shady stuff…
  • Spy: find out what someone else is doing, their current technologies, bank information, payroll, etc. It’s always an advantage to know what your competitors are currently doing, specially when the race is tight.
  • Steal Technology: you can steal whatever technology progress a competitor currently has and apply that to your current technology research.
  • Poach Talent: you can tempt a Talent to leave your competitor and work for you. This does not come cheap!
  • Sabotage Building: you can render a building useless or slow it down for a specific amount of time.
  • Negative Gossip Campaign: give false information to the media about a competitor in an effort to lower their reputation.

The attack process involves a three round engagement, in which your attack points will measure against your target defense points.

Defense will have a pre-defined point distribution for each round, and when you attack, you’ll define yours. Points spent on each round cannot be used for the next.

As the attacker you need to win two of the three rounds to breach the defense’s security and succeed.

The strength of your attack depends on your security building level, your station talent, any active skills, and the amount of attack points you’ve assigned to this battle. That will define things like how long a building will be slowed or stopped or how much science you’ll steal.

Again, please do not engage on these type of activities (:eyeroll) but if you do use these tools, use them with caution, your reputation is also at stake.

Stay tuned as this week we’ll have major announcements.

Zimm out.

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