Hello, Dawners!

Today is exciting, since I’m going to share with you one of the more powerful features on The Initiative: the Holdings.

Company Holdings are groups of members who share a common interest, in our case, a common goal. You may be more familiar to them as Guilds.

It adds so many layers of interactivity it would be hard to name them all, but I’ll do my best to summarize.

First and foremost, there’s Management.

As establishing a self-sustainable colony on Mars is such a huge endeavor, it’s not easy for a player to achieve on its own. This is why Holdings become paramount as colonies can only be established by them.

Holdings can help, and should, organize members to specialize and focus on certain areas to maximize the overall output of the whole.

Holdings do not have a launch complex on their own, so success will come from the combined effort of each and every member as they send to Mars everything that is needed, from resources or modules to the last colonist.

Me and… other holding Me.

Each Holding has a CEO, the Board, and members.

The CEO has many tools to manage the Holding, assign certain resources, define strategies and communicate and monitor member activities. It can also call for votes on certain matters, so either the Board or all members can cast their vote.

The Board is a group of members with the ability to also call for certain votes.

All members, including the CEO and the Board, will have Contribution Points towards the Holding, based on their own personal score on the game (technology advancement, launches, contracts, reputation, etc.) and their contribution to the Holding (money, resources, spy points, etc.).

There are three ways to change the CEO of the Holding:

  1. If he resigns, which will immediately ask for candidates and call for a vote, if there are no more candidates, the top contributor will automatically be the new CEO
  2. If the Board calls for a vote to remove him from office, in which case 66% of all the contribution points are needed to remove him
  3. Every certain amount of time, a request for available candidates and subsequent call for a vote will define the new CEO more than 50% of all contribution points; if there are no other candidates, the CEO will remain in office.

The Holding creator though, can choose, when and only when the Holding is created, to have a democratic Holding (with votes like above), or an authoritarian one, where the CEO cannot be removed unless he resigns. Democratic Holdings have increased perks and also advantages so members will most likely join these ones.

As Holding increase in size and influence, so will the perks that members receive from it. We will talk more about perks in the future.

Joining a Holding is as easy as creating one, or through our amazing online database of existing ones, you should be able to join one in no time and start enjoying the perks immediately.

Holdings will have their own leaderboards, but each member will be accountable for their contribution to the goal, so keep an eye to player’s leaderboards as well.

Aside from management, there’s strategy. Holdings, following a common goal, must often organize and focus attacks on key enemy competitors, in an effort to reduce any leverage they may have. Defending the weakest or their very own key members is crucial for a winning strategy.

As you can see, Holdings are as importante as their members, because they allow you to manage resources, organize efforts, orchestrate attacks, plan defense, and achieve the ultimate goal: being the first to establish a sustainable colony on Mars.

Zimm out.

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