Kickstarter announcement

Hi, community!

First and foremost, thank you. We would never be here if it wasn’t for you.

This is a very special time for us, and we want to share not only the news, but also the motivation behind it.

We started this game about a year ago, in our “spare” time between work, family and other life experiences. We immediately fell in love with the idea and started to pursue the dream.

We are passionate players and professional developers, and that combination is dangerous: so the idea grew.

We started to work with professional artists to bring the game to reality, creating concepts, building models, and designing the user experience.

We were planning on a continuous development of the game for a few more years, but we came to a point where we believe we have the chance to accelerate full throttle with the development, and we are excited to go for it.

Initiative’s small but flourishing community has been providing feedback and encouraging us to keep going. And lately, we’ve been getting more and more pressure for at least an alpha version of the game.

We are just as eager as you to release a playable version of the game, but there’s still work to do before we can share what we believe is the experience we want and you deserve. We don’t do things half way.

So, we decided to Kickstart the game, so we can form a core team to join us and accelerate the release.

However, we don’t want to take this opportunity for granted. We want the campaign to be successful, and although we’ve been working on it for the past few months, we don’t want to set a fixed date for launch.

Instead, we want to set a community goal as the main trigger to launch the campaign.

We’ll launch the Kickstarter campaign once we reach a total of 3,000 newsletters subscribers.

Why? Our subscribers are the most valuable community we have, as they thoroughly receive, read and provide feedback before any others for all of our news.

We’ll ask for money during the campaign, but now we ask for other type of help, just as important: spread the word.

Share the game on your facebook wall, your twitter account, youtube channel, and any other means you can think of.

A successful Kickstarter will allow us to assemble the core team, build the assets, and create all the game content much faster, so we can explore and conquer the red planet sooner.

Thank you all for your unflinching loyalty.

Sebastian “Jason” Bourre & Nick Varchavsky – Indelve’s Founders

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