Our Inspiration

We grew as computer games did. We’ve returned home with excitement with our box full of floppy disks with that brand new game that came out.

We knew Scorched Earth before Worms, and played forsaken games such as Sokoban, Supaplex, and all-time favorites such as Master of Orion, Space Federation and Transport Tycoon.

We’ve watched with awe the birth of Internet on games, and that first time we played Doom multiplayer cooperative and felt like touching the sky. Not to mention our first Counter-Strike match with unknown people on the Internet…

When you grow along with a generation that watches the inception of the most modern and comprehensive form of art, you simply can’t ignore that calling, that need.

We’ve read Isaac Asimov’s Foundation and Robot series only to dream about space travel and the possibility to step on soil of another planet. Do you imagine that? Setting your foot in another planet? It’s mesmerizing. And for a big part of our lives, we accepted the fact it was just science fiction, and we were just born too early in mankind’s history to be able to travel on space.

We are heavily and deeply inspired by NASA’s unending research and the current private sector pertnership (such as Elon Musk’s SpaceX). We’ve been to the Kennedy Space Center every single chance we had, and beheld with admiration the amazing Saturn V rocket and the new Falcon rockets Elon’s SpaceX is testing and the Curiosity with the answers it may bring. 

We’ve been inspired so much, this game is an homage on all these heroes’ lives by using the art we master: Video Games. That’s why in the game you start off with $100 million, just what he had, and push to become a space magnate from there. 

It’s all up to you: the Talents you hire, the technology you choose to research, the relations you cultivate, the contracts you get, the rockets you make, the missions you launch, and above all, the absurdly ambitious ultimate goal you need to achieve: a sustainable colony on Mars.

This is a game we want to make because this is a game we want to play as it converges on so many angles. And at the same time, bring the space race back to the dinner table conversation, since mankind’s next step is enabling life on other planets.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this game as much as we are enjoying making it.

And realize, despite some overlapping between young and old, we all live our life at the same time window, and though we missed the Teslas, Edisons and Bells, we do got to live with the Carmacks, the Jobs and all the people that reshape our lives and the world.

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