Rocket Design

Fly me to the moon… and Mars!

Hi, fellow dawners. As always, I’m reaching out to explain a bit more about The Initiative.

In this occasion, we’re going to cover one of the most important aspects: designing your rockets.

We’ve worked very hard to make the process as straightforward as it can possibly be, considering you will be building huge flammable flying machines with thousands of electrical circuits.

It all begins with a name. That’s right, you get to choose the name of your rocket! We’ll add the number of engines and boosters to the name. For example, if you choose a great name like, say, Zimm, if could end being Zimm 9 Heavy.

Vehicle Assembly Building Mid-Lvl 3D model

You also get to choose wether it has a single stage 1 booster with or without additional boosters attached to it.

Then, you start adding the modules you want. You choose the first stage booster, then the second stage, and last, but not least, the spacecraft.

Different modules will be available as you research technology using the Technology Tree, located in the Engineering building.

You can also include add ons to enhance certain aspects of the rocket, like a “Reusable Launch System” on the first stage.

As you design your rocket, you’ll see in real time a whole bunch of numbers and stuff (scientists call it “useful information”), that will help you decide the best design for the goal you want to achieve: wether is to send a few satellites to the Low Earth Orbit, or a payload to Mars!

You can play around as much as you want until you’re comfortable with your design, you can save it to reuse.

Once the design is done, you need to obtain the required parts by building them at your own Factory, or buying them on the global market from competitors.

Finally, after you have all the parts the rocket needs, you can go ahead and start its assembly to be ready for the next mission!

You’ll decide your mission based on your available contracts and your company Holding needs, which we’ll cover in another article.

For now, simply remember these few steps:

  • Design
  • Assemble
  • Launch

It took me a little while to learn them and I’ll give you a hand for you to learn them as well.

Until next time… Zimm out.

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