It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s your space station!

Hi guys! Exciting times, huh?

Today I’m writing this very same words not on Earth, but above. 250 miles above, and traveling at 17,000 miles per hour. Yes, I’m at the Space Station, and you could be here too. Remember, not everything is Earth and Mars.

On The Initiative you’ll have the opportunity to build your very own space station to further enhance and improve your performance as a company.

Giving strict limitations for safety and contractual obligations with all competitors, your space station’s size is limited, so you’ll need to choose strategically which modules you want to send up, because you won’t be able to send all the available ones.

You may want to enhance your science output to move faster on the Technology Tree, you may want to improve your security to increase your security points generation, and many other choices including reputation, happiness, training improvements and even revenue, by using it as a tourist attraction in case you are short on cash and you find someone who can afford the trip.

Space Station Concept

You Space Station also has requirements you need to maintain in order to keep it running, and to keep your astronauts stationed there alive.

It runs on energy, which mostly comes from the sun and solar panels. So make sure you always have enough to keep each new module running.

Also you’ll need life support modules, such as oxygen, food storage and water recycling.

Having a Space Station is an important step for your company, some contracts will be available only to those who own one, and the most important thing is you can brag all your friends about it by taking selfies from here!

So, I hope to see you soon orbiting Earth!

Zimm out.

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