Technology Tree

Here we are again. This time, I want to tell you about all the research you’ll need to perform in order to reach the outer space and beyond.

Research is done through the Technology Tree, which is handled in the Engineering building.

The tree is divided into four categories, each focusing on very specific knowledge. No category is better than other, and although you don’t need all, you will need to research some technologies from each category.

Choosing which technologies to research and when will be paramount for your strategy, specially considering you won’t research all of them. Specializing and coordinating within your Holding can really make a difference and boost you up to the top ranks. This is one of a few key element that makes The Initiative really unique to each one.

Tech example

The four categories are:
1) Propulsion and Avionics: Covers rocket engines and electronics, among other important stuff
2) Propellents and Energy: Mostly involves fuel tanks, propellents, energy generation and storage (you know, explosions and voltage stuff)
3) Structures and Support: Covers spacecraft, satellites and modules for your interplanetary bases
4) Strategy and Management: A key category which will allow you to manage your business more efficiently, as well as make you stronger among other players to defend from attacks (and perform them!).

Keep in mind you can research one technology at a time and, in order to do so, you’ll need to have a manned Engineering building. The Talents manning it will increase the science output which, in turn, will accelerate the current research.

Technologies enable rocket parts, outer space bases modules, output bonuses and/or other technologies, and most of them require previous knowledge of other technologies to be researched (hence the “Tree” name 😉

Although it may seem overwhelming at first, you’ll get use to it in no-time. And browsing the Technology Tree will give you a full description about each item to further clarify what it does and what it unlocks.

Keep in touch as we’ll start to reveal portions of the tree, so you can get ahead and inspect it.

See you next time!


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