The Factory

Welcome back,

Today we will be talking about one of the first and most important buildings your aerospace company will have to build: “The Factory”.

Factory mid-lvl concept

Here you will combine the needed materials to create rocket parts, Space Station and Moon modules, and everything required to build the first ever human settlement on Mars.

Depending on the stats and abilities of the assigned Talents + Factory level + Researched Techs and some random luck you may get different quality items, from “Common” to “Rare” ones, and from time to time a server “Unique”. The stats of those items will define the success rate of every rocket launch and overall missions on your way to success.

Factory mid-lvl 3D model

Every time you build a specific item will increase your proficiency on it, improving the chance of getting a better one next time. So trying to build everything in-house or specializing on some of them and acquiring the rest on the market will be up to you to decide.

Rocket parts items will later be put together in the “Assembly building” to create the most amazing rockets ever built, but we will leave that for another occasion.

See you around!

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