The Launch Complex – Cargo

Hi again! One more time, Zimm is taking the lead.

We’ll talk about the Launch Complex today with focus on cargo missions. This involves using big rockets, adding stuff inside, and take them to orbit.

Of course, you need an assembled rocket, which you will do at the assembly building.

Every rocket is different, and based on your design you will have different payload performance to different destinations. The more payload space and weight available, the more contracts you can fulfill in a single launch. Hence, maximizing your profit.

You will have several possible destinations to choose from. The most important are:

  • Low Earth Orbit (LEO): This is the closest orbit you’ll be able to send stuff to. It’s a couple hundred kilometers away, and this is where some satellites and your space station will be. Since its closer, you require less fuel, therefore the payload performance will be higher.
  • Geostationary Transfer Orbit (GTO): This orbit is much farther away, approximately at 40,000 km. Some civilian and military satellites orbit here. Since the distance is considerably larger, your payload performance going to this destination is much lower. However, the money reward is usually higher.
  • Moon: This is… well, our Moon. It orbits at about 384,000 km, and this is where your -suspense here- Moon Outpost will be located. You’ll be able to ship and assemble different buildings and perform special operations such as mining asteroids or running super secret laboratory experiments to enhance your science research on Earth.
  • Mars: The final frontier (for now). This is our very own goal: Mars. Depending on the moment, it can be as “close” as 54.6 million km, or as far as 400 million km. Logically, getting there is much more difficult than any of the previous destinations, but the rewards… oh, the rewards.
Launch Complex

Launching a rocket is expensive and, after all, you’re running an aerospace company and you need the profit. On each launch, you should be able to fulfill as many contracts as you can fit to lower your fixed costs.

Although we’ll talk about contracts in much more detail in another article, just keep in mind each will take some of your available payload space and weight with cargo for you to deliver, and provide you with a money reward if you succeed. There will be many types of contracts with different requirements and obligations.

Every launch is a major milestone for your company, and it also affects heavily your reputation. The more successful launches you have and the more contracts you fulfill, the higher your reputation -and income-, which in turn will allow you to get better and more important contracts.

As you should know by now (if not, do your homework and read this), the main goal of The Initiative is to establish a sustainable colony on Mars. That is, a colony with at least 25,000 people requiring no resources from Earth to survive.

For the one who accomplishes that first, belongs the spoils.

There will be thousands of competitors attempting to get there first… but who knows, you could be the one!

Zimm out.

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